Hot Water, Solar Water

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Production to Ship: 15 to 20 days
    Points to Purchase:184059

    • Solar panels: 2.4 sqm of glycol
    • Copper Header Pipes(mm):22*0.8
    • Copper Riser Tubes(mm):10*0.7
    • No. of Riser Tubes:8
    • Absorber: structure, copper full-surface absorber
    • Spectrum Absorber Coating: black chrome coating
    • Insulation Material: 40mm rock wool aluminum foil fabric
    • Color: blue tape
    • Cover Glass: low iron texture tempered glass
    • Frame: aluminum alloy
    • Double coil:Φ12mm diameter; 15m length
    • Double coils: two of single coil

    • vilo pump :import from Germany
    • electricity controller : control the whole system
    • expansion tank: 8L
    • English operation instruction book
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Controller with temp sensors
    • Drain Valve
    • Flow Rate Control Valve
    • working voltage: 110V/design as your request

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    Item #: EX000328330
    Availability: Production to Ship: 15 to 20 days


    • inner tank : 1.5mm thick SUS304-2B stainless steel,Φ480mm diameter
    • outer tank: 0.5mm thick Galvanized steel,Φ580mm diameter
    • insulation : Polyurethane foam(50mm thick)
    • heat exchanger :Tu1 copper ,1mm thick ,12mm diameter,15m length,also called single coil
    • electricity heater : 1.5KW,230V/50HZ
    • working valtage: 230V/design as your request
    • magnesium bar installed for water purification
    • Heat exchanger port size: 1/2" Male NPT
    • water inlet/outlet ports 3/4" Female NPT
    • Top Pressure Relief Valve Port: 3/4" Female NPT
    • 3/4" Exhaust Port for tank cleaning
    • Pressure Relief Valve Included
    • Includes mounting gear and screws for tank feet.