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MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Thank you for selecting a powerful solar charge controller with MPPT tracking system. The MPPT is an advanced maximum power point tracking solar battery charger. The controller features a smart tracking algorithm that locates and manages operation at the solar array peak power point, maximizing energy harvest.

The MPPT battery charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. Self-diagnostics and electronic error protections prevent damage when installation mistakes or system faults occur.

The controller also features adjustable settings switches, several communication ports, and terminals for remote battery temperature and voltage measurement.

Installation Safety Precautions


This unit is not provided with a GFDI device. This charge controller must be used with an external GFDI device as required by the Article 690 of the National Electrical Code for the installation location.

• Mount the EOT MPPT indoors. Prevent exposure to the elements and do not allow water to enter the controller.

• Use insulated tools when working with batteries.

• Avoid wearing jewelry during installation.

• The battery bank must be comprised of batteries of same type, make, and age.

• Do not smoke in the vicinity of the battery bank.

• Power connections must remain tight to avoid excessive heating from a loose connection.

• Use properly sized conductors and circuit interrupters.

• The grounding terminal is located in the wiring compartment and is identified by the symbol below.

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