• 250-800V DC input ,
  • 380V 3 Phase input Three-phase 380~460V output
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    Solar pumping inverter has full control of the solar pumping systems operation. The controller drives the pump by converting DC power produced by the solar array to AC power. The inverter can adjust the output frequency according to the solar radiation in real time to realize the MPPT (maximum power point tracking).


    ★ Independent intellectual property of dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm.
    ★ Fast response and good stability. 99% MPPT efficiency.
    ★ Integrated with water level monitor to prevent overflow and dry running.
    ★ Free setting of pump operating frequency range.
    ★ Perfectly adapted to 150-800VDC wide input voltage range. Multiple options for solar array design.
    ★ Suitable for all kinds of 3-phase induction motors. High Effectiveness

    ★Humanitarian design ★ Compatible with both DC & AC input

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