At Earth Orbit Technologies, we are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling high-quality lighting luminaires that meet the diverse needs of our customers. We believe our international suppliers and the different perspectives that they bring to the business are the driving force behind our success. Come discover a company that is focused on the quality of our energy efficiency products, the environment, the community and the world in which we live.

Earth Orbit Technologies (E.O.T.) was founded in 2014, a hi-tech enterprise registered in the United States of America system for award management (SAM). Our firms NACE, NAICS, and Standard Industrial classification codes include:

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

  • SIC Code (s) 346921,336398
  • NACE_Code 2657: EU-27, C
  • NAICS CODE_335129,334515,423720, 335122,3335196044: 335129,334515,423720
  • STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION CODE 368: 36480108,38250300,50740208

  • Earth Orbit Technologies administers OEM_ISO9001 supplier cooperation's featuring CE Rohs certifications. We also specialize in LED chip brands COB, Cree, Epistar, Nichia, Phillips, SMD5730 and SMD2835 color spectrum tuning with 10 year warranty. EOT engineering and procurement teams coordinate production equipment and material requests globally via integrated components from the United States, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

    Our Design-build technology transfer team designs scalability into production via automatic SMT machines, reflow soldering machines, and multi-faced electric testing equipment. Each light system is aged using large integrating spheres enabling custom production. The luminaire tuning process is high quality ensuring requests at point of sale meet customer specifications.


    • Environmentally Friendly

    Simply because they are more efficient, LEDs cut down on carbon emissions by consuming less electricity. Another reason why solid-state lighting is better for the environment is that it eliminates dangerous waste products. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and lead, which generates toxic waste when they break or are thrown away. Mercury and lead waste takes a long time to recycle or dispose of, making this one of the world’s largest environmental issues. LEDs contain no mercury or lead, removing this impact on the environment.

    • Safer Materials

    Fluorescent bulbs are fragile and contain mercury gases that are toxic to breathe in. LED luminaries not only eliminate mercury gas, but are manufactured from an impact-resistant plastic, making them much safer for anybody who has to handle them. When pulse-start HID/HPS lights were first installed into manufacturing environments, some of them malfunctioned and exploded over the heads of workers, dropping shards of hot glass from high ceilings. Solid-state lighting is able to absorb larger variances in voltages before being adversely affected. Rather than shattering, LEDs slowly dim out without causing any physical damage.

    • Longer Lifetime

    The average fluorescent bulb will “burn out” in less than two years. However, LEDs do not burn out like traditional bulbs. Instead, their lumen output is slowly reduced over time. The LED luminaries from Earth Orbit Technologies (EOT) will last up to eight years, but will only produce 40% of their original output at the end of their life. After six years, the luminaires will maintain 70% of their output, so we would recommend that our customers replace them every six years. The longer lifetime of LEDs reduces maintenance costs, downtime, and material wastes. LEDs products also last longer because no ballast is required to ignite the bulb. Solid-state technology means that all light is generated electronically, eliminating the need for a physical spark. This means that less parts of the fixture can break, further reducing maintenance time.


    We are committed to:

    1. Quality tuning of customer luminaires

    2. Supplier Quality

    3. Reducing your carbon footprint

    4. Minimize energy demands per capita

    5. Reducing demand and your every changing infrastructure.